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The EX600V Wi-Fi Valves by SMC are wireless valves that guarantee safe and reliable communication, using an ISM frequency band at 2.4 GHz with the propagation of radio waves.

Changing frequency every 5 ms, they are able to avoid the interference of other wireless devices. They also enjoy high security thanks to the encryption protocol and they can record and communicate with as many as 127 wireless slave units thanks to the point-to-multipoint communication.

Wiring costs and installation time can be reduced, maintaining interchangeability between the SI units of the series.
The valves can be used for tool changing, in a rotary table or for blocking radio waves.

Main features:

  • Resistance to disturbances: it uses the 2.4 GHz ISM frequency band. The frequency changes every 5 ms
  • High speed connection: from power supply to start-up communication
  • Communication response time: the signal response time is min. 5 ms
  • No need of communication cables: reduction of installation time, space and costs for wiring, minimum risk of disconnection
  • Maximum number of I / O points: 1280 input / 1280 output (It is possible to record and communicate with up to 127 slave units)
  • Protocol: Ethernet/IP

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