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A new fence lock for Satech’s industrial perimeter protections

A new fence lock for Satech’s industrial perimeter protections

D-FenceLock is the new lock dedicated to Satech safety perimeter protection made entirely of steel.

The company has designed a new robust lock system, ables to improve machine protection systems! Easily installed on all metal protection grids, D-FenceLock has a panic release and a hold-on device to prevent personnel being trapped inside the company’s dangerous area. The self-centering system assures maximum precision during closure and protects the actuator from impacts

Main features:

  • Anti-panic emergency unlocking from inside
  • In-built safety microswitch
  • Dual control mechanical lock
  • It provides top-level safety to the personnel who works in line

All Satech safety systems for industrial machines protections comply with EU and international regulations. This guarantees your company full legislative compliance, maximum safety and durability! D-FenceLock contributes to increase security system quality of the company, which is even more attentive to accessories dedicated to all machinery protection barriers.

Below we list the other main accessories available in Satech catalog:

  1. Hinge microswitch
  2. Cable duct support
  3. Universal brackets for micro switches
  4. Support struts
  5. Doors with microswitches
  6. Kick plate
  7. Cutting kit
  8. Adjustable baseplates
  9. Variable angle joint
  10. Reinforced linear joint

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