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If you need a cooling system for recirculation fluids of equipment and devices, you should think about a precise temperature control to have an efficient and long-lasting system, like the one generated by SMC Thermo-chillers.

Thermo-chillers regulate the temperature of heat sources in customer devices and equipment using a temperature-controlled recirculation fluid. Thanks to a proactive temperature control it is possible to foresee anomalies of the devices and it is possible to improve the stability of the upper temperature!

One of the advantages of the SMC Thermo-chiller is the compact size and the low noise. The cooling capacity is between 1.1 kW and 28kW, while the heating capacity is between 0.58kW to 7.5 kW.

There are numerous functions of this smart solution. The most practical ones concern the automatic restart for power failure, the timer, the anti-freezing and the indication of the tank level.

Thermo-chiller is an interesting instrument if we think about maintenance functions of the filter without tools and self-diagnosis. This allows the system to control and manage a constant temperature.

What about communication? Thermo-chiller is equipped with serial communication (RS232C, RS485) and digital I/O (2 inputs and 3 outputs) as standard. Communication between users and system is possible and it depens on the application. A 24 VDC output can also be supplied and the system is equipped of a flow switch (SMC PF2W, etc.).

Thermo-chillers not only guarantee reliability and precision, but also safety. How can they do that?

Stabilizing the upper temperature, notifying alarm codes during pump control and motor fan, managing the diagnostics via control panel for easy and correct maintenance.

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